Kevin Downswell for Jamaica Gospel Song final Sunday

The winner of the 2020 Jamaica Gospel Song Competition will be announced during the contest’s Grand Announcement Show on CVM TV this Sunday, August 2, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

The show, which will also be live-streamed on the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) website and social-media pages, will feature upbeat and moving performances from the top 10 finalists, as well as a special guest performance from popular gospel artiste Kevin Downswell.


“Last Sunday’s performance show gave Jamaicans at home and abroad a chance to take in all of our top 10 finalists’ moving performances of their entry songs. It was a memorable show, which really got the public out and voting for their favourite songs this week,” said Andrea McCurdy, events coordinator for national religious services and projects at the JCDC.

“This Sunday, we will see the finalists performing one last time, then we will have the highly anticipated announcement of the winner of this year’s competition. The public has been showing a lot of love to all of our top 10 finalists, so at this point, any one of them can walk away with the top prize,” McCurdy continued, noting that the competition would remain open to the public for voting until 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Persons who may have missed last Sunday’s performance show can watch the top 10 music videos on YouTube, as well as on the JCDC’s Facebook and Instagram social-media pages and on the JCDC’s website.

The Jamaica Gospel Song Competition, since its inception in 1987, has become an iconic presentation of indigenous gospel music in Jamaica. It attracts more than 200 artistes, producers, and writers of original gospel music each year.

This competition is also seen as another avenue for the unearthing and growth of writers and vocalists through training with the best in the industry.


The finalists and their voting numbers are:


• Deon McDonald – You Are Real: 444-4211


• Sheri-Gaye Johnson – I Worship You: 444-4212


• Offniel Lamont – Forever God: 444-4213


• Lloyd ‘Father’ Reece – Satan GuWeh: 444-4214


• Euphoria – Live Today: 444-4215


• Martanek Phipps – Ye Who’s Without Sin: 444-4216


• Anthony Malcolm – I Need You Close: 444-4217


• Oliver Ashley – No Bargain: 444-4218


• David Sutton – Our Response: 444-4219


• Treisha Williams – One Dose of the Holy Ghost: 444-4210

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